The origin of Maran, Pahang Darul Makmur.

According to sources from Maran District Council archives, the name of 'Maran' comes from a small river that flows from Hulu Teladas to Ulu Kampung Luit. 

However, according to a story by an indigenous 'batin' (headman), Batin Tawang bin Isa who lives in Kampung Merbau near Kampong Serengkam, the name Maran originated from the tale of seven indigenous men who camped overnight near a river (now Maran river).

While asleep, they were awakened by an apparition that was said to be an incarnated tiger.  Six of them ran to saved themselves, leaving one of them with apparition.  However, the appariation did not hurt the man but referred to himself as 'Maran' or a 'Friend'.  Maran asked the camper to join his friend by following the river.  Because of this incident, the indigenous people named the river as Maran River.

The truth about the tale has not been verified as the real story based on historical facts has not been unearthed.  

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